Roxstar Cauliflower Pizza Crust

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Absolutely yummy cauliflower pizza crust recipe. I use the food processor rather than the blender. Absolutely delicious!!

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NPC Alaska State Championships

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NPC Alaska State Championships

Yay for more progress! This past weekend I took 4th in the NPC Alaska State Championships in a rather large class. I’m more than happy with my performance and had a blast down in Anchorage.

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-15 sucks a lot.

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in case you were wondering. Which I doubt you were.  But the point is, I’m Frigging Cold!  And I’m currently waiting for my spouse to drag his carcass home so I can go hit the gym.  Now that I’m working again, I normally hit the gym after work and hammer it all out on the way home but one of the little bits had a doctors appointment today so I have to go this evening.  Each moment that ticks by, I feel my motivation trickle away little by little. My sore lower traps aren’t helping.  Interesting side effect:  nothing makes you aware of your posture more than sore lower traps. 😀  Last nights workout was particularly brutal.

Something to understand, mid september last year, I left Bombshell.  I had my reasons, none of which are your business.  Shannon has her coaching style and it works miracles for lots of people, I just wasn’t one of them.  I found a great coach in a friend of mine who gets me and how to motivate me and we just mesh better.  When I started with her, she had all these crazy things like overhead squats and deadlifts that I had just never done.  When I tried, i found that my core was incredibly weak and just using an empty oly bar to overhead squat could hurt in my CORE so much that I just couldn’t do it.  It’s been an uphill battle from there. I trained full out, but after a really strict diet for so long, i snacked. A lot.  And never got the progress I wanted.  Just before our big move to Alaska, I took a break for a few months.  I needed a break, my body needed a break.  I had been training for about 18 months straight at that point and it was time.

Time well spent actually.  Or wasted. Depends on how you look at it.  When I emailed Roxie in August and said “I’m ready” I was just that. I was READY. Ready to buckle down and follow plan strictly.  Give it all I had in the gym, eat what was on my plan and not snack on food I only wanted in theory and not reality.  And it’s paid off in spades.  So back to last night:

Unassisted Dips.  Five sets of Five.  I saw this on my plan and once again began to question Roxie’s

sanity.  Bitch be cray!  I can’t do that ish!  Yeah, turns out I can.  not only can I, I can bust those suckers out and make it look goooood and follow it up with unassisted bodyweight pullups.    Throw in some ass to grass squats near my bodyweight for full reps, damn. My core is tight. it’s strong.  It doesn’t pain me, it supports me like it should. I don’t just LOOK athletic, I FEEL athletic.  And that my friends was an amazing thing for me.  It was time to open the blog again.   So here I am.  Not so much shrinking anymore, but changing. Always changing. And I’m cool with that. 😀

(And for those who wondered, yes I did compete.  NPC Camellia’s, didn’t place, didn’t care. It was a great time, I met my goal to step on stage.  Different goal this time. THIS time, I want a damn trophy.)

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If you’re going to be dumb enough to threaten me on my blog (which btw, is whatever I want it to be.  If I want to turn this entire blog into a tribute to fallen soldiers, that’s my right.  Don’t like it? Don’t read it).  I don’t have time to travel to Nashville to kick your ass.  So instead, I’ll forward your comments with your innappropriate use of company resources to your employer, the HCA Hospital Corporation of America.  Funny thing about wordpress is, it documents your IP information, such as where you’re writing from, if your ip is registered to a company, it sends that information as well.  So all of this information including screenshots was just forwarded to your companies human resources department.  Hope you enjoyed your time as an internet badass.  

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I’ll share the details later…

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but I competed! go me! And here’s my final transformation pictures!

I found the skinny me! the fat me didn't eat her after all!!

promise I’ll tell you the story tomorrow! Right now I’m wiped!

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Where I’m at in my journey

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Currently I’m just over 3 weeks out from my first show, the NPC Camellia championships. This also explains why I haven’t been around here as much. In addition to the working my ass off (literally), my brain is kinda fuzzy for the time being so..this leads to reduced blog posts, locking myself out of my car and staring blankly at my new washing machine trying like hell to remember how to turn the damn thing on.

look ma! I shrank!

So I’ve been riding the PMS train lately with it’s many stops at Sobtown, Bitchville and this whole long stretch filled with nothing but fog. Awesome enough though, NO CRAVINGS this time! This time last month was BRUTAL on me with all the cravings but I’m not really feeling those this time.

I HAVE been tripping on my weight. I ignored friend’s advice and let the scale screw with my head. My BF kept edging down but my weight was dancing up and down a pound every day. bah.

well this am I woke up at 129.5. And my bf dropped a bit again. Which is funny because I didn’t get to do my cardio last night. hubby called me in the middle of my workout freaking out and needing to go to the ER. They’re still adjusting his BP meds and they made him dizzy and when he used his wrist cuff to measure his BP for the 20th time yesterday I think he did it wrong. Either way by the time we got him to the Er it was normal. HOWEVER, he does have bronchitis. So that sucks balls. he was released around midnight and larned another valuable lesson. All meals with me at all times, NO MATTER WHAT. no joke the ONLY protein they had available at the hospital or the shoppette near it was muscle milk light. bleh. But it was better than nothing. I also let myself go back to sleep once the kids were off this am. an extra three horus of sleep helped a great deal. Except the dream I had last night where I showed up at my competition but had forgotten to tan. That was a pretty horrific dream and apparently shows how self concious I am about my lilly white skin. Scarlet O Hara’s mammy would have been proud as hell of my pale ass skin. Too bad it’s no longer the sign of being a lady and now just a sign of being a pasty ass who can’t tan. Makes halloween costumes easy. Just throw some glitter on me and BAM! Vampire. haha.

I think the biggest thing is that in the midst of all this, while stressing on everything, I finally said I cant do this on my own and Gave it all up to God. I really do feel sooo much better and i get hints now and then to keep pushing me. Like the quote I got from the gaspari texts the other am fits my life this week:

Success isn’t a matter of being the best and winning the race. Its a matter of handling the worst and finishing the race.

in conclusion, I can see my abs and that’s what counts. No really! You can see them!  So I think I’m gonna go work on them some more.  It’s plyometrics day so I’m ready to go jump like a cheerleader on crack until i vomit everywhere…lol.  Have a healthy day!

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Some Diet tips

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Diet is the HARDEST part of staying healthy and losing weight. Without a good foundation with peroper nutrition, you’re doomed to fail no matter how much effort you put into the gym. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you on your journey.

Now, I’m a mom of 6 so I understand life can get CRAZY and it can be hard to eat right when your spouses don’t want to do it, or you KNOW there’s a jar of cookies in the kitchen (my biggest complaint..lol). But you CAN do this!

1. the 5 P’s. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Don’t just wing it through your day. Be Deliberate. Know what you’re going to eat and what times you’re going to eat. Having this firmly in your head can help derail grazing and skipping meals. If you need to, go the extra step and prep your food the night before. I cook my meals a week at a time and store them in ziplock baggies (quart size for each meal, all meals for the day in a gallon size. I just pull the days food out the night before and defrost). For those who HATE waste this is even more motivation.

2. Keep healthy snacks just in case. If for some reason I am out without my food (rarely since I carry a cooler with me) or my dog eats my meal while my back is turned (which HAS happened). have a back up plan. Keep healthy snacks on hand in case you need to fill in a meal. A meal replacement bar, some nuts and crackers, etc. I keep a bag of homemade trail mix in a ziplock container in my car just in case.

3. Know your portions. You dont’ have to weigh your food down to the gram unless you’ve got an anal retentive coach breathing down your neck. /cough. Calories in calories out is very hard to judge as each persons metabolism burns at different rates but you should still be mindful of your portion sizes. Each meal should contain each of the macronutrients. Lean proteins, (eggs, lean meats, etc), complex carbohydrates (from vegetables, whole grain, fruits, etc) and healthy fats (like nuts, avacados and flax and olive oils, salmon, etc). Each nutrient is vital and important and should not be skipped.

4. stay hydrated. If you workout hard, with cardio and strength training that goes over an hour a day combined, try to drink up to a gallon. I keep a gallon size jug of water and fill my water bottle each day. Take big gulps, not sips. Play around with temperature or add lemon slices, cucumbers etc. I can’t drink water cold, but room temperature goes down just fine. You’ll find this also helps curb your hunger as many times our bodies mistake thirst for hunger. In addition, proper water consumption helps your body to release excess water retention, flushes toxins out of your system and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. A good rule they taught us in army basic training: If your pee is clear, you’re good. The darker in color it is the more dehydrated you are. Drink more when you’re out in the hot weather as well. Carry a bottle with you at all times.

5. Get colorful. Iceberg lettuce and celery are almost nutritionally defunct and not really worth wasting your time on. Go for colorful foods like bell peppers, spinach, romaine, mushrooms, asparagus, etc. While low in calories these foods are PACKED with vitamins and nutrients and can fill you up well getting more bang for your buck. Did you know that a cup of cooked spinach has just as much calcium as a glass of milk?

6. And finally, get enough fiber. it’s a rather distasteful subject, but if you aren’t regular, chances are you’re not getting enough fiber. Painful infrequent stools are often a sign that you aren’t hydrated enough or getting enough fiber. They can cause you to feel tired, bloated, etc and make you feel crappy altogether (forgive the unintentional pun). In addition to helping maintain a healthy digestive tract, fiber is filling and keeps you full longer, cutting down on the chances that you’re gonna overeat.

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So It’s jan 1st and happens to fall on a saturday so I get to post my weekly progress.  This can also serve as my starting point for the year. Yay!  I woke up this morning 153 pounds and down to 27% bodyfat.    I’m trying to pay more attention to the body fat since the weight could be a number of things from water retention to muscle gain.  No absolute way to know.  But my clothes fit better and I can see a HUMONGOUS difference.  Matter of fact, let me show you.


Starting: Dec 4

Jan 1 progress (and no, I'm not sucking it in, just standing up straight. )


I took the pic on the left for the Oxygen magazine’s off your couch contest.  Person with the biggest difference come Feb 1 wins 1000 dollars (as judged by Robert Kennedy)  I have 30 days left to lean out some more.  I started a few months after everyone else since I think the issue was published in sep?  And I didn’t buy it till november.  Even if I don’t win 1000 dollars, being able to see my feet again is totally priceless.  Told you I looked pregnant!


Now, as for what I did this week:  I did pretty darn good.  Sunday was a machine upper body day at the gym, followed by a lower body plyometrics day on Monday.  My Monday triumph was not vomiting.  Plyo and I have a love hate relationship, as in I love what it does for my body, hate what it makes my body do to me.  Wednesday was an upper body dumbbell circuit (see haters post) followed by a machine leg day on Thursday.  Cardio has been alternating HIIT and Steady state through the week with only Wednesday as a true 100% rest day.  It’s that way on purpose, if i tried to do cardio after a plyo day, I’d have a heart attack and die.    Eats were super clean this week with only 1 cheat meal which didn’t exactly work out.  Couldn’t bring myself to enjoy my chinese food with that brown sauce on it so I rinsed all the brown sauce off of it.  Heavy sauces and such make me a bit sick.  I think from now on cheat meals will consist of chocolate. 😀

Given that I’ve made it a full month of full on commitment I treated myself to a new gym bag and a new journal, both of which I need.  My tight curves gym bag was eaten by my dog and my journal is almost full.


How appropriate hu


Both of these came from http://www.cafepress.com/fitfullymade

Look them up if you want some awesome girly gym stuff.

So yeah, that’s my week.  Hopefully the coming week will be as good.  Hopefully I’ll develop an appetite for all the food I have to eat.  Usually diet means less food than usual and lots of hunger…but for someone who is NEVER hungry….eating the right amount of calories to make my body stop hoarding…nightmare.  blah.  So anyway, till next week….keep rooting for the fat chick….at least until I’m just that weird gym chick again. 😀  And a very Happy and Healthy, excuse free 2011 to all of you.

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Christmas Suckage

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If there’s ever a test to your fitness goals, it’s the holidays. For me at least. All those yummies you have to pass up! My husband STUFFED my stocking with reeces peanut butter cups because normally I don’t care for them and then he gets to eat them all. Well the jokes on both of us because I’ve been craving peanut butter like it’s nobodies business and ate far too many of them. Not to mention the delights of Christmas dinner! Ham and potatoes and pecan pie, oh my! I did my best to keep my portions under control and promised myself I’d work it off in the gym later. 😀

As for workouts, I did get plenty in. Ben is off for the holidays as well as the kids so we’ve been sleeping in a bit more but I’ve still been able to get what I need to in.
Monday I worked my upper body, lifting heavy trying to keep in the 10-12 rep range with 60 second rest intervals and treadmill HIIT intervals (woot! graduated to run/walks) to burn the fat. Tuesday was pyramid leg training which somehow wound up working my glutes more than anything. Boy did I feel that training the two days following that! Leg presses and squats, kickbacks and hammy curls. Yep, my legs got their money’s worth that day.
Wednesday was off, thursday was another upper body cardio day and friday *should* have been another leg day but it was christmas eve and I opted to take an extra day off to be with my family just as I took christmas day off on saturday.

On the bright side, that meant when I hit the gym on sunday I was fully rested and recovered. I got in a good upper body workout again and my treadmill HIIT training and even threw in some ab work. This morning was 35 minutes of steady state and this afternoon will be some plyometrics for my legs since Ben is on CQ duty. my weight stayed the same but I dropped another .5% bodyfat. Given my lazy week and bad diet choices (two cheat meals! ack!) that’s good enough for me. 😀
And that is your week in review!

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Progress Report

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So the weekend just passed and while I should have given my progress report on Sunday I didn’t.  I was lazy. 🙂  Well, not really but lazy about posting yes and also missing power for a better portion of the day.  So…here’s my progress report for last week for the sake of accountability:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I did my full body strength routines.  Matter of fact I had to do it at the gym on Friday as i got suckered into watching some kids (and when I say suckered I mean suckered.  But that’s a whole other long story that those who actually know me are aware of so it doesn’t need to be repeated).  They were here right through my regular work out time (i.e. 1:00-2:00pm while my babies are napping and my older children are in school) and my husband didn’t make it home until 6pm that night from work.  So i went to the gym at 630pm and saved my dinner for when I got home as my post workout meal.  It would have been amazing to be back in a gym except my iPod is missing and I had to use my blackberry for tunes and without music to put me in my own world, I can become a little hyper vigilant and that tends to distract just a bit.

As for cardio, I did HIIT intervals three times this week on lifting days using my elliptical at home, and got some steady state cardio via walking my dog Ranger on the other mornings. Sunday morning I went to the gym and started on the stairmill and quickly realized it was way beyond me at this point and moved to a recumbent bike instead.  i cranked up the resistance to 8/10 and went for 40 minutes and 5 miles before doing my ab work.  It was a good change of pace.  Saturday was 100% rest from everything.

As for the actual stat changes, my stomach is shrinking.  I can feel my TVA’s getting stronger and it’s reflecting well.  I don’t look pregnant anymore.  Just a smidge poochy.   I’m down to 29% body fat according to my scale and 28% according to my omron body fat tracker.  I went with 29%..lol.  Even that says I lost 9lbs of fat this week, and I’m pretty sure it was all in my tummy.  The diet changes are making the biggest difference I think and everyone is enjoying the taste of the food instead of the taste of the gravy or butter smothering the food I was making.

Overall it was a good week and I’m very proud of myself for staying strong even the one or two days I wanted to quit.  This coming week I’ll be shifting my training from a full body to an upper/lower split.  The kids are off school and Ben has half days this week so I’m sure there will be lots of time in the actual gym rather than at home.  I’m doing everything in my power to “Finish Strong” like my friend Michelle “Buffmother” Berger.  So for those of you who don’t think you can do it, check out the links on the right and go see the changes she’s made and let her inspire you just like she inspires me.

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