Reward meals and Bovine Bitchiness

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I’m big on rewarding myself. it’s the way I’m made. Carrots are yummy, sticks suck, etc etc etc. Part of my reward for toughing out the diet plan is a reward meal once a week. Some weeks I get so excited it’s all i can think about. Some weeks it’s just yay! something different. When we were in San Antonio all I could think about was pasta. We saw a sign for the olive garden and it was ON! My imagination went into overdrive until I was pretty sure that some seafood alfredo would taste like manna from heaven. It did by the way. It was the first time I cried biting into a scallop in my life. I’m not sure it’s gonna be the last though.

The point is, saturdays I indulge in a reward meal with several intentions:

1. with dieting, there is also a slowing of the metabolism effect. The body senses starvation and tries to lower the amount of energy it needs to continue to function on a daily basis. This means you will be burning less calories just sitting there than if you hadn’t been dieting, which makes weight loss even harder.

When you shock your system with a high influx of calories at one time, the body’s metabolism will show an increase and you’ll kick start your ‘furnace’ into high gear once again.

This will help you body to get less accustomed to running on a lower caloric level and make getting lean easier.(via bodybuilding.com)

2. Allowing myself a reward meal on saturday nights gives me a chance to eat the foods that I crave and work hard for them, leaving me far less likely to nibble on forbiddens during the rest of the week. In addition, that cheat meal tastes pretty darn amazing and not just par for the course.

3. I get to spend time with family and friends enjoying a meal without hyperfocusing on the details. As a competitor it can be very taxing on my social life/family when hubby wants to go out on a dinner, or friends of ours want to go out together. When I constantly have to decline because of a diet and goals that very few understand or support, it can strain things, depress me as well and weaken my resolve for my goals.

4. As I diet and train consistantly and hard through the week, my muscle glycogen levels can become easily depleted, leaving me feeling tired and fatigued by the end of the week. A cheat meal allows me to replenish my glycogen stores and come monday, I’m raring to go again. The key is deliberation and moderation. A half a plate of pasta with a small slice of cake, or a steak house hamburger with a baked potato. Two slices of pizza and a cookie. Etc. Nobody is saying eat the whole pizza, gorge yourself into oblivion etc.

Now as I get closer to competition my cheat meals might be eliminated alltogether depending on how lean I already am and how close to my show I am. However for someone who is dieting down for personal satisfaction and/or health, a break one evening a week done correctly, will do wonders to further your resolve. And yet, yet there’s always that one jealous bitch who can’t do moderation and chooses to eliminate it altogether. Goody for her. I’m fine with that. Until she takes her jealousy and her anger out on me, the one with self control.

All this went down on one of the message boards I frequent and have developed some good friendships. We were discussing my reward meals and why I have them when this woman gets downright beligerant.

According to her, my trainer is an idiot and I lack drive and self discipline because I have cheat meals on saturdays. Even funnier she suggests that I eat fruit with fruit dip instead. because fruit dip is somehow healthier than a regular cheat meal. Whatever.

I admit I was pretty mad. I don’t see how someone who’s idea of a full body workout involves 20 minutes on the Wii fit before they collapse on the floor gasping for breath like a beached whale has any reason to call my self discipline into question. I also unfortunately said as much. I admit I have a bit of a temper and it can come out from time to time when provoked. I was nice the first time. The second time I let loose. Then I apologized to the rest of the board and felt madder at myself for letting someone elses issues and self image problems get to me like that.

I KNOW I’m on a good program. I KNOW my trainers with Team Bombshell are some of the best in the country. I KNOW I have research proven reasons for my trainer sanctioned cheat. And I KNOW it’s mean to pick on the metally disabled. So I may even apologize to her. Or i may post pictures of my awesome booty to make her hate herself more. We’ll see how bad she pokes me.

At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding:

Current pic. March 11

Starting point, December 4

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My glutes are on fire! No wait, that’s the icy hot!

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So lets talk about pain management for a minute.  Not like I’ve got a serious back problem and require percocet three times a day pain management, but what do you do when you train so hard that standing requires a herculean effort that doesn’t always seem worth it?    We’re back from San Antonio so that means 100% on program, no excuses.  Which also means so many lunges I want to sob like a little bitch.  I hate lunges.  Like you have no idea how much I freaking hate lunges.  I hate lunges like I hate terrorists and Sarah Palin.  Like My neighbor Ryan hates texas.  yeah, it’s like that.

In spite of my hatred for lunges (or probably karma trying to teach me not to hate) they happen to be on my program.  Three days a week in the am they are involved in my cardio.  On leg days they’re there several times.  Plyo day?  lets do them in jumping form!  Reverse lunges, swing lunges, standard, stationary, deep, its lunge hell, population, me.  Why do so many lunges you ask?  Well beyond the obvious because my coach says so, lunges are untouchable for quad and glute development.  Which means after mondays three things hurt like you would not believe:  My Knees, My Glutes, and my Quads.

I take glucosamine for my knees.  I’m anal retentive about knee alignment and proper form too.  if you’re gonna lunge, it’s kind of necessary.  The glute and the quad pain I welcome.  it means I did good.  It might also mean a reprieve from laundry and a night on the couch since climbing stairs after a monday….it ain’t happening.  The kids could build a bonfire and try to burn the baby as a witch on the upper landing and my ass is NOT climbing those stairs.  One thing and one thing only will draw me through the haze of pain and up the stairs.  Epsom salt baths.

Yep, epsom salt baths have been my savior.  That will draw the pain out like nobodies business, not to mention how relaxing it is.  i throw in some lavendar foaming bath milk on top of it all and have myself ana amazing treat.  odds are I’m that tub till well after the prune stage and until only just before the water is cold as hell because it’s cooled off so much.  The second thing that saves me is Icy Hot.  I even carry it in a stick form in my purse.  However, this is key.  MAKE SURE IT”S NOT EXTRA STRENGTH!  I used hubbys cream last night as I wasn’t sure of my purses location and wasn’t up for tracking it down.  Didn’t realize until my legs were simultaniousy freezing and burning that it was extra strength.  Which again wouldn’t have been a problem, except I used quite a bit given the intensity of the soreness.

Big. Mistake.

Twenty minutes later my legs were numb.  not so much I think because the pain went away, i think my nerves were just so overloaded that they shut down and refused to relay anymore sensory information.  But screw it.

They didn’t hurt.  goal, achieved.

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if you thought PMS was bad…..Progress Report

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It’s been an interesting and exhausting week. I was PMS’ing and I’ve been carb cycling so I’m experiencing for the first time the pms/no carb combo. Apparently…I wasn’t a pleasant person on my no carb days…lol.

...ok....so maybe I did.....sorry ben! I'll make it up to you next week when the sight of you doesn't make me want to rip your head off!

Also be prepared for some really weird dreams. Like the dream I had where Ben his bread from me in the fridge, so I strapped the fridge to my back, and ran off with it so I could eat my bread in quiet.


Hubby has been back at work and the older children are back in school so this week we’ve been using the am cardio at home on the elliptical before babies wake up and weights after they go to bed at night. it’s usually 7 before I can leave the house but not too many troubles. I had a really hard time staying motivated as tired as I was but found that once I really got into my workout, my motivation came back hard.
I’ve been prepping all my food in advance and storing it and/or freezing it that way I’ve got no excuse about my diet, and learned that chewing sugar free gum while I cook dinner for everyone else keeps me from wanting to eat their food.

My split right now is legs/calves, chest/back/abs, rest, shoulders/calves, bi’s/tri’s and abs. I do HIIT every other day. I’ve got things set up so on my leg and shoulder days my carbs are high when I need them, medium for my other lifting days and carb free on rest days. All in all I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made this week and pushing through when I was so tired i just wanted to stay home. I’ve got this. I know I’ve got this.

Current Progress:
151 lbs and 25.8%bf Seems I’m either putting on muscle…or retaining some serious water. Either way…body fat loss!!!

So the moral of this story is…while yes carb cycling is effective, be careful and be prepared for a lot of apologizing when you’re rational again.


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Workout clothes and Gym Skanks, a weekly Progress Report

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Had a good week.  Hit all my workouts, all but one of my cardio days ( Sick child) and my eats were frackin STELLAR!!!  Currently riding at 151 lbs and 27% body fat.  It’s slow, but it’s steady progress.   Had one cheat meal although it wasn’t even a meal.  A couple mini pieces of bread with olive oil and baby brie and some fat-free whole grain tortilla chips with salsa and two glasses of wine.  It’s been a long time and we were hanging out with some friends playing board games.  It was pretty fun.

I’ve shifted my workout a bit.  right now I’m working at opposing muscle groups.  Legs, chest/back, triceps/bicep and shoulders/traps.  Moved my HIIT to every third day with steady state between, it works well for me.  Hubby had an ok week.  He met with his orthopedic specialist in San Antonio and was finally put on the surgical list.  He’ll be having a C1/C2 spinal fusion and as scary as that sounds, it’s far better than the scary that comes with a fractured C2.

Todays ranty theme is:  Gym Clothes.  Women, for the love of god, go to the gym to improve your figure, not to show off your ass

Take that shit elsewhere ladies. This gym doesn't have Flirty Girl Fitness classes.

cheeks and your cleavage to everyone who glances over.  The gym should be a skank free zone and sadly here, it seems to be where the wives go to meet guys when their husbands are deployed.  WTF is wrong with you?  it’s not singles night!  Take your sleazy (and possibly diseased) ass to Wild Rides to carry out your disgusting business, but keep it OUT OF MY GYM.  Also, your cottage cheese thighs aren’t as sexy as you think they are.  kthankxbai.

Also if you know me and I don’t wave at you, stop and chatter, etc, etc, etc it’s nothing personal.  I’m in my zone in the gym and don’t want to be bothered.  I’m not there to socialize, I’m there to train.  So I never go without my ballcap pulled low to narrow my field of vision, my ipod cranked up to block out the world, and my gym clothes chosen carefully with several factors.

1.  Does it cover my ass?

2.  Does it cover my boobs and belly?

3.  Is it going to limit my range of motion in any way?

4.  Is it going to pull the sweat away from my body or is it just going to hang back and let the sweat trickle down the small of my back? (ew. I know.  Even more ew feeling it)

That is in fact the precedence.  The only day you’ll ever see me where shorts is on Leg day so I I’m not limited in any way doing my squats etc, and yes, there will be spandex under neath, just in case.

So in sumnation, yay I’m skinny, skanks cover your shit and get out of my gym, they’re for training, not socializing.  yeah I think that’s it.

have a healthy week!

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What is wrong with people today? Why is it so hard to be happy for one another and their accomplishments? Why do we feel the need to make ourselves feel better by being mean to others? Two incidents today reminded me just how hateful and mean people can be, and how easy it is to let their comments drag you into a quagmire of self loathing that could easily derail you.

The first of these incidents occurred this afternoon at the gym. I’m working on my upper body dumbbell circuits and already slightly testy as I’m surrounded by guys. I immediately start getting testy and anxious given some previous bad incidents in gyms with strange men that I can’t really discuss without flying into a rage about Germany’s rather jacked up system for classifying sexual assault cases. Although I guess you can get a vague idea just from that statement. Moving on. I’m doing my darndest to ignore the people around me when I see there’s another woman in the free weight section. Part of me cheers because I’m always happy to find myself not the only person sporting ovaries who isn’t terrified of free weights, and part of me continues to ignore everyone around me while simultaneously remaining vigilant so that I can’t be caught off guard. She see’s me doing overhead presses and asks her companion what I’m doing and what muscles it works, at which point he explains that it works the deltoids and she shouldn’t bother otherwise she’d wind up with beefy shoulders like I have. I would have taken it as a compliment except he said “beefy” like he was saying “mutated and diseased”. Obviously I had somehow offended him by wielding a dumbbell rather than a mop but I laughed anyways and chalked it up to jealousy. He was rather lacking in the deltoid department as it was.

I, being terribly amused by this, share this on my Facebook. I enjoy Facebook, and twitter, and obviously WordPress too. I’m an individual who enjoys expressing my first amendment right to speak my mind. I’m also incredibly proud that my shoulders could be deemed beefy given how hard it was to get the deltoids to grow and knowing several of the women on my friends list are weightlifters and bodybuilder and try constantly to teach other women that lifting weights won’t make you bulky unless you have some inexplicably large amounts of testosterone flowing, I thought they’d get a kick out of it. Which they did. Just my brother-in-law seemed to find fault in this and told me to “get over” myself.

Just a bit of back story, my brother-in-law and I have a very antagonistic relationship. I’m very thin-skinned but have an exorbitant amount of pride so rather than cry (which I usually reserve for when he’s not there to witness it) I toss back some equally mean comment and keep my pride. Once I even made him so mad he hung up on me. (He told me to suck his balls, I told him to grow a pair first.) But this time I just couldnt’ find myself pretending it didn’t bother me. I’m angry. When we went to see them in June we went to Disneyland and he made comments about my weight all day long. He may have seen me cry that time, trying hard to hide in the dark of the train around the park and pretend I was straightening my daughters hair, but there’s a twenty-second video clip of me quietly sobbing when the nerves he struck throbbed a bit. He struck that nerve again. But this time I didn’t hide my tears, and I didn’t pretend it didn’t hurt. I basically told him I didn’t need his crap and I unfriended him and blocked him. The part about him not owning a soul I expect may bite me in the ass sometime but I don’t much care right now.

the point of this long-winded rant about how screwed up people are is…I’m still going back to the gym tomorrow. No matter how bulky jealous stickman from the gym thinks I am, no matter how conceited my brother-in-law thinks I am, I’m going back. Because I deserve it, because I’m proud of myself for doing it. Because I deserve something to be proud of myself for. So if you need to step on someone else to make yourself feel better about your own flaws and shortcomings, look somewhere else. No matter how broad my shoulders may look, I’m not up for bearing your issues too.

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