let me off this freaking rollercoaster, I think I’m gonna be sick

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I know it’s been like two weeks but believe me I have a really good excuse. the last two weeks have had some incredible highs and some really awful lows. But more than anything it’s reminded me just how fragile life is, and how important it is to follow your dreams before fate has the chance to stop you.

For the highs because I’m a good news before bad type of gal. I got my showdates. On may 28th I’ll be competing in Slidell at the NPC Camellia Championships. My coaches think I’ll be ready and I have faith in them so I have faith in me too. I don’t care if I place 1st or 16th, I just want to do it. Just step on that stage. I’m looking into suits, foudn a local NPC competitor to help with my posing since I can’t get to mama bombshell and have made some…heroic..attempts at learning stage makeup. I’ve been told to cake it on like a drag queen but unfortunately my former drag queen buddy lives in SLC so I’m winging it. Other highs included Jamie Eason putting my transformation pics in her inspiration folder and Muscle and Strength wanting to post my transformation story too. Talk about affirmation.

As for the lows…we lost a good friend in afghanistan. SSG Travis Tompkins was a very good friend as is his wife Candy. I know it’s a risk all soldiers take, but it still stings and stuns when it happens to someone you know. Someone with a family, someone who should have been able to come home. and raise his two daughters. I will warn you though, keep your hippy ass anti war shit to yourselves. I may delete it. I may track you down and kick your ass myself. There’s a time and place and this isn’t it. Trust me.

So if you don’t mind, take a moment to honor a soldier who sacrificed for you. If you’ve got time to read about my quest for fat loss, you’ve got a minute to honor him.

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Reward meals and Bovine Bitchiness

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I’m big on rewarding myself. it’s the way I’m made. Carrots are yummy, sticks suck, etc etc etc. Part of my reward for toughing out the diet plan is a reward meal once a week. Some weeks I get so excited it’s all i can think about. Some weeks it’s just yay! something different. When we were in San Antonio all I could think about was pasta. We saw a sign for the olive garden and it was ON! My imagination went into overdrive until I was pretty sure that some seafood alfredo would taste like manna from heaven. It did by the way. It was the first time I cried biting into a scallop in my life. I’m not sure it’s gonna be the last though.

The point is, saturdays I indulge in a reward meal with several intentions:

1. with dieting, there is also a slowing of the metabolism effect. The body senses starvation and tries to lower the amount of energy it needs to continue to function on a daily basis. This means you will be burning less calories just sitting there than if you hadn’t been dieting, which makes weight loss even harder.

When you shock your system with a high influx of calories at one time, the body’s metabolism will show an increase and you’ll kick start your ‘furnace’ into high gear once again.

This will help you body to get less accustomed to running on a lower caloric level and make getting lean easier.(via

2. Allowing myself a reward meal on saturday nights gives me a chance to eat the foods that I crave and work hard for them, leaving me far less likely to nibble on forbiddens during the rest of the week. In addition, that cheat meal tastes pretty darn amazing and not just par for the course.

3. I get to spend time with family and friends enjoying a meal without hyperfocusing on the details. As a competitor it can be very taxing on my social life/family when hubby wants to go out on a dinner, or friends of ours want to go out together. When I constantly have to decline because of a diet and goals that very few understand or support, it can strain things, depress me as well and weaken my resolve for my goals.

4. As I diet and train consistantly and hard through the week, my muscle glycogen levels can become easily depleted, leaving me feeling tired and fatigued by the end of the week. A cheat meal allows me to replenish my glycogen stores and come monday, I’m raring to go again. The key is deliberation and moderation. A half a plate of pasta with a small slice of cake, or a steak house hamburger with a baked potato. Two slices of pizza and a cookie. Etc. Nobody is saying eat the whole pizza, gorge yourself into oblivion etc.

Now as I get closer to competition my cheat meals might be eliminated alltogether depending on how lean I already am and how close to my show I am. However for someone who is dieting down for personal satisfaction and/or health, a break one evening a week done correctly, will do wonders to further your resolve. And yet, yet there’s always that one jealous bitch who can’t do moderation and chooses to eliminate it altogether. Goody for her. I’m fine with that. Until she takes her jealousy and her anger out on me, the one with self control.

All this went down on one of the message boards I frequent and have developed some good friendships. We were discussing my reward meals and why I have them when this woman gets downright beligerant.

According to her, my trainer is an idiot and I lack drive and self discipline because I have cheat meals on saturdays. Even funnier she suggests that I eat fruit with fruit dip instead. because fruit dip is somehow healthier than a regular cheat meal. Whatever.

I admit I was pretty mad. I don’t see how someone who’s idea of a full body workout involves 20 minutes on the Wii fit before they collapse on the floor gasping for breath like a beached whale has any reason to call my self discipline into question. I also unfortunately said as much. I admit I have a bit of a temper and it can come out from time to time when provoked. I was nice the first time. The second time I let loose. Then I apologized to the rest of the board and felt madder at myself for letting someone elses issues and self image problems get to me like that.

I KNOW I’m on a good program. I KNOW my trainers with Team Bombshell are some of the best in the country. I KNOW I have research proven reasons for my trainer sanctioned cheat. And I KNOW it’s mean to pick on the metally disabled. So I may even apologize to her. Or i may post pictures of my awesome booty to make her hate herself more. We’ll see how bad she pokes me.

At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding:

Current pic. March 11

Starting point, December 4

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First week as a bombshell athlete

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Its been hectic to say the least. Im blogging via iphone from hubbies bedside at brooke army medical center. Yesterday he had his spinal fusion and it went incredibly well. Hes recovering slowly but steadily. My mom has the kids so were good on that front.

I prepped all my food in advance and carted it here frozen in a big icechest and my hotel has a microwave and fridge. Actuallly its the fort sam houston distinguished visitor quarters meant for big wigs and the like, but im not complaining. The digs are sweet, more like a small apartment than a hotel. I just pack my food for the day in a cooler and cart it with me.
I use the gym on fort sam houston main for my workouts for now. Their cardio room is severly lacking but their locker rooms are epic. Keyless combo locks anyone? You program them when you use them and no need for gym locks. Pretty sweet.
It may seem awful to continue on program while hubby is in this place but he insisted and i agree. I pay a good amount for my coach and if fellow bombshell dinah al-sabbah can be in contest prep while jet setting, i can handle program while traveling.
Wish i coulx figure out how to post pics from this thing. My progress looks good. Belly is almost flat, shoulders coming in fantastic. V taper is building well too. Down to 140 lbs as of this am. Youd never think it thougj as im now a size six. Last time i was a size six was at 130 so that extra mus le shows. Didnt bring omron so unsure on the fat though.
All i know is that so far my program is working and im loving team bombshell. Cant wait to go to my first camp! And when my coaches think im ready, yes. I will compete. Thats my goal roght now, not even worried about placing. Just want to find the courage to do it and know i earned my pla e on stage as an npc figure athlete.
And because it must be said, watch the arnold via on friday and root for my teamates in the first ever bikini international. Nicole, jamie, nathalia, ali, jennifer, and jessica. And maybe justine, not sure. Also, vanessa will be covering it for fitness rx! and of course in addition to the many booths bombshells will be rocking, check out justine and nathalia as they rock the covers of m&f hers and fitness rx magazines respectivelly.
For now im gonna hang out with hubby and try to talk him into eating again. Pray for his swift recovery and have an awesome week everyone!

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Sarah’s surgery went off without a hitch. She’s healing beautifully. We got snowed into Shreveport which sucked but made it home safe (obviously). Ben is currently in San Antonio for his pre-op. his surgery will be next week. Scary, but I have faith things will turn out fine.

I’m down to 143lbs and 25% bodyfat. It’s coming off slowly but surely so I’m pleased with that. i’ve been doing a lot of circuit work lately trying to keep my metabolism going. I’ve also joined Team Bombshell.

If you’ve never heard of Team Bombshell, well then you probably don’t follow IFBB or NPC bikini or figure. Team Bombshell is responsible for some of the most amazing physiques in the industry and I’ve opted to entrust mine to their head coach, Shannon Dey. So when you see me looking hot as they come looking like I’ve never had children, you’ll know why.

Speaking of children, mine are having a fake tea party right now. And since imaginary tea and imaginary crumpets happen to be on my diet plan, I think I’ll join them.

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Progress report!

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Sorry I missed last week.  We had Benny’s fourth birthday, then we went to San Antonio for hubby to see his specialist.  Long story short…He has surgery end of the month and then at least a six week recovery.

Today marks the end of the Off The Couch! contest so here are my stats over 8 weeks.  Should have been twelve but I didn’t get the mag in time.

Start:  158lbs   35% bodyfat                                                           End  147lbs    25% bodyfat

Starting: Dec 4

Jan 31. Me minus 15 lbs of fat.

Doubt I’ll win the contest but really, screw it.  I win anyway.  I can see my feet and I haven’t been asked when I’m due in over a month.  Think I’ll go celebrate with some egg whites and oats

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if you thought PMS was bad…..Progress Report

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It’s been an interesting and exhausting week. I was PMS’ing and I’ve been carb cycling so I’m experiencing for the first time the pms/no carb combo. Apparently…I wasn’t a pleasant person on my no carb days…lol. maybe I did.....sorry ben! I'll make it up to you next week when the sight of you doesn't make me want to rip your head off!

Also be prepared for some really weird dreams. Like the dream I had where Ben his bread from me in the fridge, so I strapped the fridge to my back, and ran off with it so I could eat my bread in quiet.


Hubby has been back at work and the older children are back in school so this week we’ve been using the am cardio at home on the elliptical before babies wake up and weights after they go to bed at night. it’s usually 7 before I can leave the house but not too many troubles. I had a really hard time staying motivated as tired as I was but found that once I really got into my workout, my motivation came back hard.
I’ve been prepping all my food in advance and storing it and/or freezing it that way I’ve got no excuse about my diet, and learned that chewing sugar free gum while I cook dinner for everyone else keeps me from wanting to eat their food.

My split right now is legs/calves, chest/back/abs, rest, shoulders/calves, bi’s/tri’s and abs. I do HIIT every other day. I’ve got things set up so on my leg and shoulder days my carbs are high when I need them, medium for my other lifting days and carb free on rest days. All in all I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made this week and pushing through when I was so tired i just wanted to stay home. I’ve got this. I know I’ve got this.

Current Progress:
151 lbs and 25.8%bf Seems I’m either putting on muscle…or retaining some serious water. Either way…body fat loss!!!

So the moral of this story is…while yes carb cycling is effective, be careful and be prepared for a lot of apologizing when you’re rational again.


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I’m still in here….somewhere

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Well…I suppose this is the obligatory bio post that must come first in every blog.  I know how redundant this feels given that this isn’t my first blog, and lets be frank, you probably don’t care much anyway, so lets just get this out of the way.  I’m Kayti.  My mom named me Katherine but I’m lazy and that’s just too many letters so Kayti I am.  You can generally tell how long someone has known me by what they call me.  Life long friends call me Katherine, anyone in the past ten years calls me Kayti and of course a small group from cafemom who insists for whatever reason on calling me Kat.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name of my blog, I’m a mom.  I have five children, Melodie, Steven, Sarah, Benny and Isa.  Melodie lives with her Dad (at least until I track his no good ass down…but that’s another story) but he other four are here full time and keeps my hands just as full.  My husband is in the military, which means that I don’t always have reliable friends nearby, his work schedule is completely undependable and that I have to learn to work around what Big Army wants for him.  It sucks.  A lot.

once up on a time during his last deployment I decided I wanted to be a figure competitor.  So within a matter of months I went from this:

Me and my family the day my husband left for Afghanistan.

to this:

Forgive the red face, this is post workout

I’m not joking when I say a matter of months.  i started working out about mid January at home with a few pounds lost, started hitting a gym three times a week with my respite care and the picture on the right is when my husband came home in may.   Within five months I had lost a grand total of twenty five pounds.

I don’t pretend to have done it on my own.  I had hired a trainer named Karen Sessions to start with and when my prepaid time with her ran out I switched to Cathy Savage.  Cathy is great and her program is slick but I kind of missed that one on one attention I got with Karen.   Either way I had to give up trainers when we PCS’d.  My husband came home early in may when his dog became ill (no not our family dog.  Big Army doesn’t work that way.  Sheesh…it was his military Working Dog, my husband was a K9 military police officer) and we wound up with a whopping six weeks to move from Germany to Fort Polk in Louisiana.

With a different schedule and moving to a much larger base, suddenly being a single car family began to take it’s toll.  Along with the loss of our Cost of Living allowance it was cheaper to give up my coach.  Didn’t really need it anyway since the Figure Season had already ended here in Louisiana and we had to move just three months out from the show I was anticipating in Germany.    With the loss of my coach to kick my butt and my gym time regularity, I got off track.  like…majorly off track.   30 lbs off track.  That’s right folks!  Five pounds more than when I had started!  hows that for a kick in the pants!!     It’s been about a year and half since the last picture was taken.  And here I am today:

Mommy and Belly on our beach vacation. Yes, I was so ashamed I wore a crocheted tunic on the beach. /facepalm

Somewhere inside there is the skinny me.  I’m so very tired of being as big as I was, so very tired of people asking if I’m pregnant again (NO! I am NOT!) and so very tired of getting irritated at my husband when he gives me sidelong looks when I order those extra large fries.  Sooo….no more excuses.   At the beginning of December while taking a bubble bath I couldn’t stop staring in disgust at my stomach.  How had it come back?  And from somewhere within me I found that bit of strength.  Since coming to Fort Polk I’ve been lonely and depressed, and felt powerless to help myself, but that day I found I had had enough.  So I got dressed and went to the gym.

That was two and a half weeks ago and I’ve already lost five lbs and 2% of my bodyfat.  I’ve thrown all the bad food out of the house and filled it up with fresh foods and good menus.  I have my training set up and my elliptical repaired.  i’mr eady to go.


So…now that you know what a nutjob I am….feel free to come mock the fat chick.  or root for me.  I’m gonna pretend you’re rooting for me either way.

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