About Me

 I’m Kayti, 31 years old, army vet, former fatty, current fitness fanatic, NPC Figure  competitor, office manager and mommy of a half dozen children.  Currently stranded in the tundra of Alaska and trying to convince myself that it’s not too cold to go to the gym.

Starting: Dec 4

my starting point, my breaking point, the day I finally had enough. December 10, 2010. approximately 35% bodyfat and obese.

Well lets make a long story short shall we? I grew up semi heatlhy. I say semi because I was active, but my nutrition sucked. I can recall taking nutrition classes in high school and arguing with my mother about saturated fats in the stores. I joined the army and managed to remain thin despite a horrible diet of chow hall food and fast food. After I left the army my focus turned to my children and my spouse as we traveled the world and after six children, I was clinically obese, tired, and depressed. My husband broke his neck and was unable to help with the house or family and I was getting run down and exhausted. Tired, stressed, scared for him and knowing that if I was going to take care of everyone else, I needed to take care of myself, I resolved to lose the weight. Within six months I was down to 123lbs and only 17% bodyfat and competed in my first figure competition. Since then I’ve been training strong and educating myself and my family about health and nutrition. My goal in life is to help others see their potential and live healthier more fullfilling lives.

I am currently pursuing my CPT through the NASM with the dream of helping other women find the skin that they are most comfortable in.  having walked that road myself, I feel like I have a duty to pass that blessing forward.



This is me today, happy and healthy and living every day to the fullest.






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