-15 sucks a lot.

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in case you were wondering. Which I doubt you were.  But the point is, I’m Frigging Cold!  And I’m currently waiting for my spouse to drag his carcass home so I can go hit the gym.  Now that I’m working again, I normally hit the gym after work and hammer it all out on the way home but one of the little bits had a doctors appointment today so I have to go this evening.  Each moment that ticks by, I feel my motivation trickle away little by little. My sore lower traps aren’t helping.  Interesting side effect:  nothing makes you aware of your posture more than sore lower traps. 😀  Last nights workout was particularly brutal.

Something to understand, mid september last year, I left Bombshell.  I had my reasons, none of which are your business.  Shannon has her coaching style and it works miracles for lots of people, I just wasn’t one of them.  I found a great coach in a friend of mine who gets me and how to motivate me and we just mesh better.  When I started with her, she had all these crazy things like overhead squats and deadlifts that I had just never done.  When I tried, i found that my core was incredibly weak and just using an empty oly bar to overhead squat could hurt in my CORE so much that I just couldn’t do it.  It’s been an uphill battle from there. I trained full out, but after a really strict diet for so long, i snacked. A lot.  And never got the progress I wanted.  Just before our big move to Alaska, I took a break for a few months.  I needed a break, my body needed a break.  I had been training for about 18 months straight at that point and it was time.

Time well spent actually.  Or wasted. Depends on how you look at it.  When I emailed Roxie in August and said “I’m ready” I was just that. I was READY. Ready to buckle down and follow plan strictly.  Give it all I had in the gym, eat what was on my plan and not snack on food I only wanted in theory and not reality.  And it’s paid off in spades.  So back to last night:

Unassisted Dips.  Five sets of Five.  I saw this on my plan and once again began to question Roxie’s

sanity.  Bitch be cray!  I can’t do that ish!  Yeah, turns out I can.  not only can I, I can bust those suckers out and make it look goooood and follow it up with unassisted bodyweight pullups.    Throw in some ass to grass squats near my bodyweight for full reps, damn. My core is tight. it’s strong.  It doesn’t pain me, it supports me like it should. I don’t just LOOK athletic, I FEEL athletic.  And that my friends was an amazing thing for me.  It was time to open the blog again.   So here I am.  Not so much shrinking anymore, but changing. Always changing. And I’m cool with that. 😀

(And for those who wondered, yes I did compete.  NPC Camellia’s, didn’t place, didn’t care. It was a great time, I met my goal to step on stage.  Different goal this time. THIS time, I want a damn trophy.)


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