Some Diet tips

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Diet is the HARDEST part of staying healthy and losing weight. Without a good foundation with peroper nutrition, you’re doomed to fail no matter how much effort you put into the gym. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you on your journey.

Now, I’m a mom of 6 so I understand life can get CRAZY and it can be hard to eat right when your spouses don’t want to do it, or you KNOW there’s a jar of cookies in the kitchen (my biggest But you CAN do this!

1. the 5 P’s. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Don’t just wing it through your day. Be Deliberate. Know what you’re going to eat and what times you’re going to eat. Having this firmly in your head can help derail grazing and skipping meals. If you need to, go the extra step and prep your food the night before. I cook my meals a week at a time and store them in ziplock baggies (quart size for each meal, all meals for the day in a gallon size. I just pull the days food out the night before and defrost). For those who HATE waste this is even more motivation.

2. Keep healthy snacks just in case. If for some reason I am out without my food (rarely since I carry a cooler with me) or my dog eats my meal while my back is turned (which HAS happened). have a back up plan. Keep healthy snacks on hand in case you need to fill in a meal. A meal replacement bar, some nuts and crackers, etc. I keep a bag of homemade trail mix in a ziplock container in my car just in case.

3. Know your portions. You dont’ have to weigh your food down to the gram unless you’ve got an anal retentive coach breathing down your neck. /cough. Calories in calories out is very hard to judge as each persons metabolism burns at different rates but you should still be mindful of your portion sizes. Each meal should contain each of the macronutrients. Lean proteins, (eggs, lean meats, etc), complex carbohydrates (from vegetables, whole grain, fruits, etc) and healthy fats (like nuts, avacados and flax and olive oils, salmon, etc). Each nutrient is vital and important and should not be skipped.

4. stay hydrated. If you workout hard, with cardio and strength training that goes over an hour a day combined, try to drink up to a gallon. I keep a gallon size jug of water and fill my water bottle each day. Take big gulps, not sips. Play around with temperature or add lemon slices, cucumbers etc. I can’t drink water cold, but room temperature goes down just fine. You’ll find this also helps curb your hunger as many times our bodies mistake thirst for hunger. In addition, proper water consumption helps your body to release excess water retention, flushes toxins out of your system and keeps your skin healthy and glowing. A good rule they taught us in army basic training: If your pee is clear, you’re good. The darker in color it is the more dehydrated you are. Drink more when you’re out in the hot weather as well. Carry a bottle with you at all times.

5. Get colorful. Iceberg lettuce and celery are almost nutritionally defunct and not really worth wasting your time on. Go for colorful foods like bell peppers, spinach, romaine, mushrooms, asparagus, etc. While low in calories these foods are PACKED with vitamins and nutrients and can fill you up well getting more bang for your buck. Did you know that a cup of cooked spinach has just as much calcium as a glass of milk?

6. And finally, get enough fiber. it’s a rather distasteful subject, but if you aren’t regular, chances are you’re not getting enough fiber. Painful infrequent stools are often a sign that you aren’t hydrated enough or getting enough fiber. They can cause you to feel tired, bloated, etc and make you feel crappy altogether (forgive the unintentional pun). In addition to helping maintain a healthy digestive tract, fiber is filling and keeps you full longer, cutting down on the chances that you’re gonna overeat.


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THIS IS SO “On Point” (i.e. correct) that it’s not funny! Conformation for me as well! 😀

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