let me off this freaking rollercoaster, I think I’m gonna be sick

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I know it’s been like two weeks but believe me I have a really good excuse. the last two weeks have had some incredible highs and some really awful lows. But more than anything it’s reminded me just how fragile life is, and how important it is to follow your dreams before fate has the chance to stop you.

For the highs because I’m a good news before bad type of gal. I got my showdates. On may 28th I’ll be competing in Slidell at the NPC Camellia Championships. My coaches think I’ll be ready and I have faith in them so I have faith in me too. I don’t care if I place 1st or 16th, I just want to do it. Just step on that stage. I’m looking into suits, foudn a local NPC competitor to help with my posing since I can’t get to mama bombshell and have made some…heroic..attempts at learning stage makeup. I’ve been told to cake it on like a drag queen but unfortunately my former drag queen buddy lives in SLC so I’m winging it. Other highs included Jamie Eason putting my transformation pics in her inspiration folder and Muscle and Strength wanting to post my transformation story too. Talk about affirmation.

As for the lows…we lost a good friend in afghanistan. SSG Travis Tompkins was a very good friend as is his wife Candy. I know it’s a risk all soldiers take, but it still stings and stuns when it happens to someone you know. Someone with a family, someone who should have been able to come home. and raise his two daughters. I will warn you though, keep your hippy ass anti war shit to yourselves. I may delete it. I may track you down and kick your ass myself. There’s a time and place and this isn’t it. Trust me.

So if you don’t mind, take a moment to honor a soldier who sacrificed for you. If you’ve got time to read about my quest for fat loss, you’ve got a minute to honor him.


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So sorry to hear of this loss. I am so grateful for all those who serve in the armed forces and the sacrifices made in behalf of our nation.

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