My glutes are on fire! No wait, that’s the icy hot!

Posted on March 8, 2011. Filed under: Ranty |

So lets talk about pain management for a minute.  Not like I’ve got a serious back problem and require percocet three times a day pain management, but what do you do when you train so hard that standing requires a herculean effort that doesn’t always seem worth it?    We’re back from San Antonio so that means 100% on program, no excuses.  Which also means so many lunges I want to sob like a little bitch.  I hate lunges.  Like you have no idea how much I freaking hate lunges.  I hate lunges like I hate terrorists and Sarah Palin.  Like My neighbor Ryan hates texas.  yeah, it’s like that.

In spite of my hatred for lunges (or probably karma trying to teach me not to hate) they happen to be on my program.  Three days a week in the am they are involved in my cardio.  On leg days they’re there several times.  Plyo day?  lets do them in jumping form!  Reverse lunges, swing lunges, standard, stationary, deep, its lunge hell, population, me.  Why do so many lunges you ask?  Well beyond the obvious because my coach says so, lunges are untouchable for quad and glute development.  Which means after mondays three things hurt like you would not believe:  My Knees, My Glutes, and my Quads.

I take glucosamine for my knees.  I’m anal retentive about knee alignment and proper form too.  if you’re gonna lunge, it’s kind of necessary.  The glute and the quad pain I welcome.  it means I did good.  It might also mean a reprieve from laundry and a night on the couch since climbing stairs after a monday….it ain’t happening.  The kids could build a bonfire and try to burn the baby as a witch on the upper landing and my ass is NOT climbing those stairs.  One thing and one thing only will draw me through the haze of pain and up the stairs.  Epsom salt baths.

Yep, epsom salt baths have been my savior.  That will draw the pain out like nobodies business, not to mention how relaxing it is.  i throw in some lavendar foaming bath milk on top of it all and have myself ana amazing treat.  odds are I’m that tub till well after the prune stage and until only just before the water is cold as hell because it’s cooled off so much.  The second thing that saves me is Icy Hot.  I even carry it in a stick form in my purse.  However, this is key.  MAKE SURE IT”S NOT EXTRA STRENGTH!  I used hubbys cream last night as I wasn’t sure of my purses location and wasn’t up for tracking it down.  Didn’t realize until my legs were simultaniousy freezing and burning that it was extra strength.  Which again wouldn’t have been a problem, except I used quite a bit given the intensity of the soreness.

Big. Mistake.

Twenty minutes later my legs were numb.  not so much I think because the pain went away, i think my nerves were just so overloaded that they shut down and refused to relay anymore sensory information.  But screw it.

They didn’t hurt.  goal, achieved.


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