First week as a bombshell athlete

Posted on February 27, 2011. Filed under: Progress |

Its been hectic to say the least. Im blogging via iphone from hubbies bedside at brooke army medical center. Yesterday he had his spinal fusion and it went incredibly well. Hes recovering slowly but steadily. My mom has the kids so were good on that front.

I prepped all my food in advance and carted it here frozen in a big icechest and my hotel has a microwave and fridge. Actuallly its the fort sam houston distinguished visitor quarters meant for big wigs and the like, but im not complaining. The digs are sweet, more like a small apartment than a hotel. I just pack my food for the day in a cooler and cart it with me.
I use the gym on fort sam houston main for my workouts for now. Their cardio room is severly lacking but their locker rooms are epic. Keyless combo locks anyone? You program them when you use them and no need for gym locks. Pretty sweet.
It may seem awful to continue on program while hubby is in this place but he insisted and i agree. I pay a good amount for my coach and if fellow bombshell dinah al-sabbah can be in contest prep while jet setting, i can handle program while traveling.
Wish i coulx figure out how to post pics from this thing. My progress looks good. Belly is almost flat, shoulders coming in fantastic. V taper is building well too. Down to 140 lbs as of this am. Youd never think it thougj as im now a size six. Last time i was a size six was at 130 so that extra mus le shows. Didnt bring omron so unsure on the fat though.
All i know is that so far my program is working and im loving team bombshell. Cant wait to go to my first camp! And when my coaches think im ready, yes. I will compete. Thats my goal roght now, not even worried about placing. Just want to find the courage to do it and know i earned my pla e on stage as an npc figure athlete.
And because it must be said, watch the arnold via on friday and root for my teamates in the first ever bikini international. Nicole, jamie, nathalia, ali, jennifer, and jessica. And maybe justine, not sure. Also, vanessa will be covering it for fitness rx! and of course in addition to the many booths bombshells will be rocking, check out justine and nathalia as they rock the covers of m&f hers and fitness rx magazines respectivelly.
For now im gonna hang out with hubby and try to talk him into eating again. Pray for his swift recovery and have an awesome week everyone!


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