if you thought PMS was bad…..Progress Report

Posted on January 18, 2011. Filed under: Food, Progress, Ranty |

It’s been an interesting and exhausting week. I was PMS’ing and I’ve been carb cycling so I’m experiencing for the first time the pms/no carb combo. Apparently…I wasn’t a pleasant person on my no carb days…lol.

...ok....so maybe I did.....sorry ben! I'll make it up to you next week when the sight of you doesn't make me want to rip your head off!

Also be prepared for some really weird dreams. Like the dream I had where Ben his bread from me in the fridge, so I strapped the fridge to my back, and ran off with it so I could eat my bread in quiet.


Hubby has been back at work and the older children are back in school so this week we’ve been using the am cardio at home on the elliptical before babies wake up and weights after they go to bed at night. it’s usually 7 before I can leave the house but not too many troubles. I had a really hard time staying motivated as tired as I was but found that once I really got into my workout, my motivation came back hard.
I’ve been prepping all my food in advance and storing it and/or freezing it that way I’ve got no excuse about my diet, and learned that chewing sugar free gum while I cook dinner for everyone else keeps me from wanting to eat their food.

My split right now is legs/calves, chest/back/abs, rest, shoulders/calves, bi’s/tri’s and abs. I do HIIT every other day. I’ve got things set up so on my leg and shoulder days my carbs are high when I need them, medium for my other lifting days and carb free on rest days. All in all I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made this week and pushing through when I was so tired i just wanted to stay home. I’ve got this. I know I’ve got this.

Current Progress:
151 lbs and 25.8%bf Seems I’m either putting on muscle…or retaining some serious water. Either way…body fat loss!!!

So the moral of this story is…while yes carb cycling is effective, be careful and be prepared for a lot of apologizing when you’re rational again.



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