Workout clothes and Gym Skanks, a weekly Progress Report

Posted on January 10, 2011. Filed under: Ranty |

Had a good week.  Hit all my workouts, all but one of my cardio days ( Sick child) and my eats were frackin STELLAR!!!  Currently riding at 151 lbs and 27% body fat.  It’s slow, but it’s steady progress.   Had one cheat meal although it wasn’t even a meal.  A couple mini pieces of bread with olive oil and baby brie and some fat-free whole grain tortilla chips with salsa and two glasses of wine.  It’s been a long time and we were hanging out with some friends playing board games.  It was pretty fun.

I’ve shifted my workout a bit.  right now I’m working at opposing muscle groups.  Legs, chest/back, triceps/bicep and shoulders/traps.  Moved my HIIT to every third day with steady state between, it works well for me.  Hubby had an ok week.  He met with his orthopedic specialist in San Antonio and was finally put on the surgical list.  He’ll be having a C1/C2 spinal fusion and as scary as that sounds, it’s far better than the scary that comes with a fractured C2.

Todays ranty theme is:  Gym Clothes.  Women, for the love of god, go to the gym to improve your figure, not to show off your ass

Take that shit elsewhere ladies. This gym doesn't have Flirty Girl Fitness classes.

cheeks and your cleavage to everyone who glances over.  The gym should be a skank free zone and sadly here, it seems to be where the wives go to meet guys when their husbands are deployed.  WTF is wrong with you?  it’s not singles night!  Take your sleazy (and possibly diseased) ass to Wild Rides to carry out your disgusting business, but keep it OUT OF MY GYM.  Also, your cottage cheese thighs aren’t as sexy as you think they are.  kthankxbai.

Also if you know me and I don’t wave at you, stop and chatter, etc, etc, etc it’s nothing personal.  I’m in my zone in the gym and don’t want to be bothered.  I’m not there to socialize, I’m there to train.  So I never go without my ballcap pulled low to narrow my field of vision, my ipod cranked up to block out the world, and my gym clothes chosen carefully with several factors.

1.  Does it cover my ass?

2.  Does it cover my boobs and belly?

3.  Is it going to limit my range of motion in any way?

4.  Is it going to pull the sweat away from my body or is it just going to hang back and let the sweat trickle down the small of my back? (ew. I know.  Even more ew feeling it)

That is in fact the precedence.  The only day you’ll ever see me where shorts is on Leg day so I I’m not limited in any way doing my squats etc, and yes, there will be spandex under neath, just in case.

So in sumnation, yay I’m skinny, skanks cover your shit and get out of my gym, they’re for training, not socializing.  yeah I think that’s it.

have a healthy week!


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My gym has a lot of high school girls. Not like I’m a regular gym goer anyway, but every time I’m there I’m surrounded by giggling girls with full face makeup who bathed in perfume before they got there. And even if you have a perfect ass, stopping every five minutes to yank your mini shorts out of your crack is never sexy. I swear I once saw a girl in a Hooters uniform. 😉

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