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So It’s jan 1st and happens to fall on a saturday so I get to post my weekly progress.  This can also serve as my starting point for the year. Yay!  I woke up this morning 153 pounds and down to 27% bodyfat.    I’m trying to pay more attention to the body fat since the weight could be a number of things from water retention to muscle gain.  No absolute way to know.  But my clothes fit better and I can see a HUMONGOUS difference.  Matter of fact, let me show you.


Starting: Dec 4

Jan 1 progress (and no, I'm not sucking it in, just standing up straight. )


I took the pic on the left for the Oxygen magazine’s off your couch contest.  Person with the biggest difference come Feb 1 wins 1000 dollars (as judged by Robert Kennedy)  I have 30 days left to lean out some more.  I started a few months after everyone else since I think the issue was published in sep?  And I didn’t buy it till november.  Even if I don’t win 1000 dollars, being able to see my feet again is totally priceless.  Told you I looked pregnant!


Now, as for what I did this week:  I did pretty darn good.  Sunday was a machine upper body day at the gym, followed by a lower body plyometrics day on Monday.  My Monday triumph was not vomiting.  Plyo and I have a love hate relationship, as in I love what it does for my body, hate what it makes my body do to me.  Wednesday was an upper body dumbbell circuit (see haters post) followed by a machine leg day on Thursday.  Cardio has been alternating HIIT and Steady state through the week with only Wednesday as a true 100% rest day.  It’s that way on purpose, if i tried to do cardio after a plyo day, I’d have a heart attack and die.    Eats were super clean this week with only 1 cheat meal which didn’t exactly work out.  Couldn’t bring myself to enjoy my chinese food with that brown sauce on it so I rinsed all the brown sauce off of it.  Heavy sauces and such make me a bit sick.  I think from now on cheat meals will consist of chocolate. 😀

Given that I’ve made it a full month of full on commitment I treated myself to a new gym bag and a new journal, both of which I need.  My tight curves gym bag was eaten by my dog and my journal is almost full.


How appropriate hu


Both of these came from

Look them up if you want some awesome girly gym stuff.

So yeah, that’s my week.  Hopefully the coming week will be as good.  Hopefully I’ll develop an appetite for all the food I have to eat.  Usually diet means less food than usual and lots of hunger…but for someone who is NEVER hungry….eating the right amount of calories to make my body stop hoarding…nightmare.  blah.  So anyway, till next week….keep rooting for the fat chick….at least until I’m just that weird gym chick again. 😀  And a very Happy and Healthy, excuse free 2011 to all of you.


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