Christmas Suckage

Posted on December 27, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

If there’s ever a test to your fitness goals, it’s the holidays. For me at least. All those yummies you have to pass up! My husband STUFFED my stocking with reeces peanut butter cups because normally I don’t care for them and then he gets to eat them all. Well the jokes on both of us because I’ve been craving peanut butter like it’s nobodies business and ate far too many of them. Not to mention the delights of Christmas dinner! Ham and potatoes and pecan pie, oh my! I did my best to keep my portions under control and promised myself I’d work it off in the gym later. 😀

As for workouts, I did get plenty in. Ben is off for the holidays as well as the kids so we’ve been sleeping in a bit more but I’ve still been able to get what I need to in.
Monday I worked my upper body, lifting heavy trying to keep in the 10-12 rep range with 60 second rest intervals and treadmill HIIT intervals (woot! graduated to run/walks) to burn the fat. Tuesday was pyramid leg training which somehow wound up working my glutes more than anything. Boy did I feel that training the two days following that! Leg presses and squats, kickbacks and hammy curls. Yep, my legs got their money’s worth that day.
Wednesday was off, thursday was another upper body cardio day and friday *should* have been another leg day but it was christmas eve and I opted to take an extra day off to be with my family just as I took christmas day off on saturday.

On the bright side, that meant when I hit the gym on sunday I was fully rested and recovered. I got in a good upper body workout again and my treadmill HIIT training and even threw in some ab work. This morning was 35 minutes of steady state and this afternoon will be some plyometrics for my legs since Ben is on CQ duty. my weight stayed the same but I dropped another .5% bodyfat. Given my lazy week and bad diet choices (two cheat meals! ack!) that’s good enough for me. 😀
And that is your week in review!


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