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So the weekend just passed and while I should have given my progress report on Sunday I didn’t.  I was lazy. 🙂  Well, not really but lazy about posting yes and also missing power for a better portion of the day.  So…here’s my progress report for last week for the sake of accountability:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I did my full body strength routines.  Matter of fact I had to do it at the gym on Friday as i got suckered into watching some kids (and when I say suckered I mean suckered.  But that’s a whole other long story that those who actually know me are aware of so it doesn’t need to be repeated).  They were here right through my regular work out time (i.e. 1:00-2:00pm while my babies are napping and my older children are in school) and my husband didn’t make it home until 6pm that night from work.  So i went to the gym at 630pm and saved my dinner for when I got home as my post workout meal.  It would have been amazing to be back in a gym except my iPod is missing and I had to use my blackberry for tunes and without music to put me in my own world, I can become a little hyper vigilant and that tends to distract just a bit.

As for cardio, I did HIIT intervals three times this week on lifting days using my elliptical at home, and got some steady state cardio via walking my dog Ranger on the other mornings. Sunday morning I went to the gym and started on the stairmill and quickly realized it was way beyond me at this point and moved to a recumbent bike instead.  i cranked up the resistance to 8/10 and went for 40 minutes and 5 miles before doing my ab work.  It was a good change of pace.  Saturday was 100% rest from everything.

As for the actual stat changes, my stomach is shrinking.  I can feel my TVA’s getting stronger and it’s reflecting well.  I don’t look pregnant anymore.  Just a smidge poochy.   I’m down to 29% body fat according to my scale and 28% according to my omron body fat tracker.  I went with  Even that says I lost 9lbs of fat this week, and I’m pretty sure it was all in my tummy.  The diet changes are making the biggest difference I think and everyone is enjoying the taste of the food instead of the taste of the gravy or butter smothering the food I was making.

Overall it was a good week and I’m very proud of myself for staying strong even the one or two days I wanted to quit.  This coming week I’ll be shifting my training from a full body to an upper/lower split.  The kids are off school and Ben has half days this week so I’m sure there will be lots of time in the actual gym rather than at home.  I’m doing everything in my power to “Finish Strong” like my friend Michelle “Buffmother” Berger.  So for those of you who don’t think you can do it, check out the links on the right and go see the changes she’s made and let her inspire you just like she inspires me.


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