I’m still in here….somewhere

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Well…I suppose this is the obligatory bio post that must come first in every blog.  I know how redundant this feels given that this isn’t my first blog, and lets be frank, you probably don’t care much anyway, so lets just get this out of the way.  I’m Kayti.  My mom named me Katherine but I’m lazy and that’s just too many letters so Kayti I am.  You can generally tell how long someone has known me by what they call me.  Life long friends call me Katherine, anyone in the past ten years calls me Kayti and of course a small group from cafemom who insists for whatever reason on calling me Kat.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name of my blog, I’m a mom.  I have five children, Melodie, Steven, Sarah, Benny and Isa.  Melodie lives with her Dad (at least until I track his no good ass down…but that’s another story) but he other four are here full time and keeps my hands just as full.  My husband is in the military, which means that I don’t always have reliable friends nearby, his work schedule is completely undependable and that I have to learn to work around what Big Army wants for him.  It sucks.  A lot.

once up on a time during his last deployment I decided I wanted to be a figure competitor.  So within a matter of months I went from this:

Me and my family the day my husband left for Afghanistan.

to this:

Forgive the red face, this is post workout

I’m not joking when I say a matter of months.  i started working out about mid January at home with a few pounds lost, started hitting a gym three times a week with my respite care and the picture on the right is when my husband came home in may.   Within five months I had lost a grand total of twenty five pounds.

I don’t pretend to have done it on my own.  I had hired a trainer named Karen Sessions to start with and when my prepaid time with her ran out I switched to Cathy Savage.  Cathy is great and her program is slick but I kind of missed that one on one attention I got with Karen.   Either way I had to give up trainers when we PCS’d.  My husband came home early in may when his dog became ill (no not our family dog.  Big Army doesn’t work that way.  Sheesh…it was his military Working Dog, my husband was a K9 military police officer) and we wound up with a whopping six weeks to move from Germany to Fort Polk in Louisiana.

With a different schedule and moving to a much larger base, suddenly being a single car family began to take it’s toll.  Along with the loss of our Cost of Living allowance it was cheaper to give up my coach.  Didn’t really need it anyway since the Figure Season had already ended here in Louisiana and we had to move just three months out from the show I was anticipating in Germany.    With the loss of my coach to kick my butt and my gym time regularity, I got off track.  like…majorly off track.   30 lbs off track.  That’s right folks!  Five pounds more than when I had started!  hows that for a kick in the pants!!     It’s been about a year and half since the last picture was taken.  And here I am today:

Mommy and Belly on our beach vacation. Yes, I was so ashamed I wore a crocheted tunic on the beach. /facepalm

Somewhere inside there is the skinny me.  I’m so very tired of being as big as I was, so very tired of people asking if I’m pregnant again (NO! I am NOT!) and so very tired of getting irritated at my husband when he gives me sidelong looks when I order those extra large fries.  Sooo….no more excuses.   At the beginning of December while taking a bubble bath I couldn’t stop staring in disgust at my stomach.  How had it come back?  And from somewhere within me I found that bit of strength.  Since coming to Fort Polk I’ve been lonely and depressed, and felt powerless to help myself, but that day I found I had had enough.  So I got dressed and went to the gym.

That was two and a half weeks ago and I’ve already lost five lbs and 2% of my bodyfat.  I’ve thrown all the bad food out of the house and filled it up with fresh foods and good menus.  I have my training set up and my elliptical repaired.  i’mr eady to go.


So…now that you know what a nutjob I am….feel free to come mock the fat chick.  or root for me.  I’m gonna pretend you’re rooting for me either way.


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gooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kat!!!! I am rooting for you:)

I’m proud of you honey! I think it’s awesome that you are taking this step to get back where you want to be ❤

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